If you know me, you probably know how much I like manatees. My high school band was even called Manatees on Fire. That’s how great manatees are.

Their funny and cute appearance is enough to deserve some appreciation, but they have more to offer than that.

No being embodies peace like the manatee. Floating lazily through the water, these big round friends radiate love wherever they go.

We could learn something from them. If we wandered around aimlessly more often, doing nothing but enjoying the aimlessness, we might be happier.

While finding purpose in life is crucial, time off is crucial too. Allow a little bit of time that serves no purpose.

Be a manatee and float freely to nowhere. Purpose is a construct of society. Reject the capitalistic demand to be productive.

Be a manatee and leave your earthly ties behind. Gravity is a construct of physics. Reject the mathematical demand to remain grounded, and rise to cosmic greatness.

Be a manatee and visit every star that you can see. Time is a construct of existence. Reject the chronological demand to obey cause and effect.

Be a manatee and create a cycle in which the effect of a cause causes that same cause to cause the effect.

Be a human and remember that this was all a dream. Reject the cosmic brilliance of your imaginary journey and be at peace with your humble little earthly existence.

Like the manatee within, be at peace with the concept of mortality.

You will never visit the stars or disobey chronological progression, but you can be like a manatee nonetheless. You can radiate love and peace without purpose or intent, but as the very essence of your being.

You are a speck of dust floating past the lens of the universe, but you exist. The manatee is content with this existence, thinking nothing of the paradoxical superposition of cosmic majesty and earthly humility.

We too can find contentment in life if we try to live as the manatee lives.


Author: Laurence Nix

A lot of the time it's just gonna be good old funny weirdo junk. Peace.

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