The Future Of This Blog

I have managed to keep my challenge of at least one post a month since November 2016. (Though arguably a 400 word Time Shaft piece might only count as half a post.) I am no longer committed to this post-rate, as it does not seem worthwhile to post a very rushed and very short piece on the 28th of each month. I will still be writing, and I will still aim to upload as frequently as possible, but I make no guarantee of once a month. The monthly uploads were primarily to prove to myself I could be consistent in my creative output. Whether or not I succeeded in that is up for debate but all that matters is I’m satisfied. I will still tell all my friends whenever a new story is uploaded, and there WILL be more. Jack Scrap, Time Shaft, and Close-Enoughism, particularly need follow up, and it will happen, but now I’m happy to write and upload as and when things are ready, rather than forcing myself to fit a needless challenge of how often I do so.

The other reason for this is that I have a new creative outlet now, working on a dungeons and dragons campaign due to start in a week. The hours I’ve spent world-building and plotting for this are perhaps even more satisfying than clicking the upload button here. Perhaps if anything notably funny or epic happens there I’ll have a small “DnD Highlights” section, but no promise on that – a lot of those things are only funny if you were at the table…

I’ll see y’all soon. Stay Chill.