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The Future of this Blog
Time Shaft – 7 Whoops, only post this month is another tiny one… Don’t worry though, something with Jack Scrap is in the works!
Time Shaft – 6

Visits to my Local Time Shaft

Short pieces written from the perspective of scientist and frequent time shaft visitor, Professor Barnabus K. Pompadour.

1 – 3D Independence Party

2 – Unusual Toilet Seat

3 – Worrying Message

4 – Evolving Doors

5 – Chronowraith Skull

6 – Lockdown and Escape

7 – Odd Duck


The Church of Close Enoughism

Publications and scripture from the religion of Close Enoughism – a belief system based on the idea of celebrating things that are close enough, with the Mehssiah’s Great Acts of Mediocrity held in high respect.

December 2016 Newsletter

E-sermon 1: The Fundamental Idealogies of Close Enoughism

The First Act: The Grabbing of the Fruit

The Second Act: The Taming of the Beast



Fantasy Short Stories

A range of stories set within the same world, though not necessarily overlapping beyond that connection.

The City of the Dead

Hundreds of years ago, Kazzanhof was a majestic city, built for King Arran Kazzan I   as the pride of his vast empire. Unknown to the public, vampiric corruption gradually took hold. Eventually more than half of the royal council and palace guards had become vampires. The city and empire finally fell when Queen Petra Kazzan II proclaimed herself Blood Queen of the Vampire Courts and launched a wave of a violence against those who did not accept her dark will. The city stood as the world’s beacon of vampiric hedonism and violence for decades until a new revolution drove out the evil ones, creating a new, open society built on acceptance and unity of all forms of undead and a rejection of all violent traditions.

Jack Scrap
The Nightshade Pact


Glymmph are shapeshifters. They can be found all over the world, but it takes a glymmph to know a glymmph. They can change shape and size, but not mass. If you’re wondering why your tiny little cat weighs the same as a fully grown adult human… It might just be a glymmph

The Fisherman’s Sock

Sacred Fires

The story of Ennaya Atimari, a young woman who finds herself suddenly caught up in an adventure to protect ancient magical fires that have burned as long as humankind remembers. NOTE: I’m not super satisfied with these, or the unfinished drafts of a couple of future parts. That said, while the execution is lacking, I do like the concept, and the character of Ennaya, and the lore of the Sacred Fires. This story line is essentially on hold, with continuation and/or rewrites desired but not on my immediate radar.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Unnb of the Fenfolk

The fenfolk are an isolated species, never travelling beyond their homes in Lok-Fen, Dak-Fen, and Ro-Fen – but Unnb feels the need to explore, a feeling usually kept out of a fenfolk’s mind by their very genetic nature. This seems like an impossible goal, until an encounter with an old druid called Sann Varin.

A Gap in the Lore

Other Short Stories

Bongo Jones

A story about a man in a mehtopian future – it is far from a utopia, and though there is a lot wrong with his world, dystopian seems a little extreme. Everything is just kinda meh.

Part 1 – A Day in the Life

Part 2 – Birthday

Part 3 – Festival

The Secret Task of Gorgeous George

A man who is so inexplicably gorgeous he had to rename his car sales company is forced to aid in an illegal scheme by the president.

A Boatload of Robots

Nora Spucket has to deal with a load of malfunctioning robots who she accidentally failed to lock in their container.

A Photograph, a Ghost, and Some Goats

Messages from the future cause much confusion and a trip to Sweden.

Dungeons and Dragons

I don’t know if this section of the blog is really going to be a thing, but we shall see





Other Things




I very rarely do these.

Being Human

Password Please (external link)


One Year Milestone!